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Life is for the least until now.

"SO DEAD” is a dark comedy with heart that follows five inseparable friends who unexpectedly lose one of their own. As the young adults are thrown into the depths of grief, knowing not what to do or where to turn, they follow advice from one of their extravagant mothers only to be led down the cuckoo trail even further...

Advice followed and misery churned, when their should-be-dead best friend appears to them as a ghost that only they can see, they’re left puzzled and comedically overwhelmed. With no answers and a heavy reluctance not to be sectioned, the group remain silent and set out on a mission to discover what on earth is going on.


When you're at the top, it's all downhill from there.

When British rich-kid James Middleton returns home to Manhattan, change is in the air. Cut off by his parents and forced to "go it alone", it takes a lot of getting used to.


This web series comedy focuses on finding ones true self

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